A downloadable Threat Erasers

In a world where rubbers are divided into colors, one of them threatens the world, the green rubbers. They have created a new type of eraser, red and blue, which has more than one function, erasing pencil and pen at the same time. The white rubbers, in numerical inferiority, formed a faction called "The Great Eraser" and swore to end the dominion of the green faction, denominated by "Erase Everything". These rubbers live together with pens and pencils in a hierarchical world, where the rubbers occupy the highest place, for long centuries.

The "Erase Everything" faction has ended the era of peace between pens, pencils and erasers they began to kidnap members of what they call "inferior races." Having said this, the conflict between these two factions is not only a question of color, but also of race. It is of maximum importance that "The Great Eraser" ends once and for all the threat that is the "Erase Everything".

Install instructions

Extract the zip file into a folder and have fun!


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